GSM termination business

ANTRAX is a complex solution for GSM termination business. Our hardware and software facilities are produced in the European Union. Antrax has been working for more than 6 years covering more than 20 countries on all continents of the Earth.

Purchasing our equipment, you get a whole business, not just a box with electronics. We are interested in long-term partnerships. Therefore we guarantee the quality of our solution and support. We are interested in success of your VoIP termination business.
VoIP GSM termination equipment is must have for this business. Small like router GSM gateway and SIM-bank (aka SIM box or Simbox), which allows to add SIM cards on-the-fly.
SIM-server with customizable anti-anti-Fraud algorithms, GUI Interface for flexible SIM cards and traffic control
Business planning:
VoIP Business plan creation for the area you plan to work within, consulting for the faster return of investment.
Fast launch:
Our company is also a VoIP operator and provides Call Traffic to start business. This means that our clients receive profit from the first days after having the system installed. We are really interested in success of your VoIP business.