Sim banks

SIM-Banks to Terminate Traffic

Today, terminators keep placing SIM-banks in conjunction with the GoIP equipment, a powerful small-sized platform to store, control, and handle about 200 SIM-cards simultaneously via TCP/IP. The device resembles a compact body, a box for storage of SIM-cards, and allows the system to work debugged.

The SIM-bank is usually connected to a SIM-server and gateway. All the equipment is worth installing in different parts of the city and controlling it virtually. At the same time, you can be anywhere in the world. In addition, the device provides remote access to the SIM-cards distribution by operators and profitable rates. Everything takes place remotely and dynamically.

However, the termination can be substantially improved when you connect your SIM-bank to GoAntiFraud to operate virtually the entire VoIP-system. With the SIM-bank you can top up SIM-cards, move them from place to place, create the illusion of a subscriber moving, check the USSD, make calls to favorite numbers, and perform many functions that allow you to skillfully bypass the operator antifraud. Thanks to SIM card fraud, experienced terminators can receive a substantial income.

Moreover, you can carry out a termination using the SIM-bank and a SIM-server without having to move SIM-cards 2-3 times a day. The SIM-server is designed for centralized control and administration, including the switching of data packages with SIM-cards, which are in the SIM-bank. These solutions allow saving costs and terminating the traffic efficiently at the required speed and get a solid profit. GoAntiFraud makes it particularly easy to do.

The anti-sim block system in conjunction with GoAntiFraud allows you to remotely coordinate the operation of VoIP equipment. It provides enhanced features for controlling SIM-cards, automatic control mode and connections associated with the condition and replenishment of accounts, switching them, setting the limit and the time range, creating the GSM band, hot swapping, if necessary, and many other convenient features for termination.

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